The game has long been an activity for risk takers hopeful eager to try their luck. But sometimes deceptive bettors have tried to take luck out of the game’s equation.

Some shrewd criminals were finding ways to come away with big wins that they honestly had unlucky.

Here are some cheat scandals that have rocked the gaming industry over the years.

Game Of Chance: The Famous Mit Blackjack Team Took Card Counting To New Heights From The 1970s To The 1990s

The years 1970 to the year 1990 , the team blackjack from MIT used card counting techniques. This was to beat the casinos and win millions .

Made up of students and alumni from MIT , Harvard and other leading schools. The group was one of the first blackjack groups to use organized science tactics .

The group’s leader, Bill Kaplan , has trained more than 100 players of blackjack over the years. He would have made $ 10 million for himself. He was an investor in casinos around the world. According to resources, his card counting is described as “ frowned upon but legal ”.

Eventually, the casinos caught wind of the plan and began to ban team members from gambling. Although some members continued to play into the 2000s , the team had mostly broken up by 1993 . The exploits of the team helped inspire the movie ” 21 ” of 2008 .

In The Early 1990s , A Software Designer For The Nevada Gaming Control Board Coded Slot Machines To Pay Out Huge Jackpots To His Accomplices

At the beginning of the year 1990 , the computer scientist Ron Harris has created an anti-cheat software for the Nevada Gaming Control Board . But secretly , he was coding machines with a hidden softswitch . These machines paid huge jackpots when players inserted coins in a certain order .

According to resources, Harris rigged 30 machines before obtaining accomplices to play the slots. Before you walked away with hundreds of thousands of dollars .

Notorious Counterfeiter Louis ‘The Coin’ Colavecchio Was Caught With Over 750 Pounds Of Fake Slot Machine Coins In His Car

Louis Colavecchio (known as “ The Coin “) was a counterfeiter. He used slot machine parts manufactured to earn thousands of dollars in the casinos of Vegas without betting a dime of real money.

Recognized guilty in 1977 and sentenced to 27 months in federal prison for his parts manufacturing. According to resources , he had 750 pounds of parts in his car when he was arrested in Atlantic City.

Arrested again at age 76 last year in Pawtucket for forgery of 2,400 counterfeit $ 100 bills .

John Kane Won $ 500,000 After Discovering A Problem In The Slots That Allowed Him To Replay The Same Winning Hand Multiple Times

John Kane managed to win over $ 500,000 playing video poker and exploiting a software bug found in machines across the country.

According to resources, Kane inadvertently discovered a problem in the line of video poker machines. Game King allowed players to replay hands with different base bets. This meant that Kane could sit in front of a machine for hours, betting a dime at a time . When he had finally scored a winning jackpot hand, he could replay the hand with a maximum bet of $ 10. This earned him a payout of $ 10,000 or more from the game.

Kane and his friend Andre Nestor participated in the scheme. They were eventually arrested, but they both remained free. Federal prosecutors failed to substantiate the hacking and conspiracy charges .

“All these guys did was just hit a sequence of buttons that they were legally allowed to press,” says Kane’s attorney .

William John Brennan, Mysteriously Came Out With $ 500,000 In Gambling Chips And Stolen Cash And Is Never Seen Again

With cameras all over the casinos, William John Brennan always found a way to disappear.

Brennan was a former sports book cashier at the Stardust Hotel . In 1992 , Brennan walked through the casino door with $ 500,000 in cash and chips in a bag. But is never seen again.

Perhaps most confusing, according to reports, is that no camera detected its release. An arrest warrant is issued against his arrest. But the case is still not resolved almost 30 years later .

Richard Marcus Has Made Over $ 5 Million From Cheating Casinos Through Gambling

After moving to Las Vegas, Richard Marcus is homeless. He finds a job as a blackjack and baccarat dealer . By knowing the ins and outs, he discovered ways to trick the system, according to his own website.

One of its most successful scams is “ past post ”, or late betting . In which he bet small amounts, waited to see if he had won. Then he would quietly swap low value tokens for higher value tokens to win. He also managed to swindle over $ 5 million in casinos .

Marcus is eventually arrested by armed forces , but is still not sentenced. Now he is a casino protection consultant and sells books on his getaways.