French เครดิตฟรี แค่ กรอก เบอร์ Roulette game is the type of Roulette you’re most likely to find in modern Monte Carlo casinos, as well as many casinos in France, Germany, or Italy. However, French Roulette by no means limited to this part of Europe and is popular worldwide, most notably in Canada. This is large because out of all the different variations of Roulette, French Roulette casino game offers the highest chances of winning.

How Does French Roulette Work?
Like in all other variations of Roulette, the point of French Roulette is to correctly guess which part of the wheel is the small metal ball going to land on. The wheel layout is the same as in European Roulette, with 37 pockets (alternating red and black numbers going from 1 to 36 and a single zero).

What makes Casino French Roulette unique is the way it handles the ball landing on the zero. In American Roulette game or European Roulette, this means you lose any even-money bets (bets with even odds: red/black, odd/even, or high/low), while French Roulette allows for two different possibilities, depending on the rules chosen at the start of the game.

When using the La Partage rule, you will receive half of your even-money bet back, while the house keeps the other half. Meanwhile, the En Prison rule means that your money will stay “imprisoned” on the table until the next spin, where a win will get all your money back, but losing the spin will also lose your “imprisoned” stake.

The way these rules apply depends on the casino or the particular game – a game of French Roulette may use either of the two rules or allow the player to choose whenever their ball lands on a zero. Either way, these rules considerably increase your odds of winning compared to European and especially American Roulette casino game.

French Roulette Bets
Just like in European or American Roulette, there are two kinds of basic bets you can make in French Roulette, depending on their placement inside or outside the table’s number grid: inside and outside bets. However, another group of announced or called bets meant for more advanced players, notable for their complexity and French names.

Each bet you can make includes at least one or a group of numbers that the ball may land on for the spin to count as winning – the fewer numbers included in a bet, the higher the payout. Below we will list all the possible bets you can make in a game of French Roulette.

Inside bets in French Roulette:
Plein (straight) bets are made by simply choosing a single number between 1 and 36 – they pay 35:1;
Cheval (split) bets are made by picking two adjacent numbers on the table – the payout is 17:1;
Transversale Plein (street) bets are placed by choosing a row of three adjacent numbers – they pay 11:1;
Carré (corner) bets are made by betting on a square-shaped group of four numbers – the payout is 8:1;
Transversale Simple (six-line) bets are placed by choosing two adjacent rows of numbers – they pay 5:1.
Outside bets in French Roulette:
Colonne (column) bets are placed by picking either one of the three columns – they pay 2:1;
Douzaine (dozen) bets are made by choosing one of three sets of 12: Premiere (first), Moyenne (middle) or Derniere (last) – the payout is 2:1;
Rouge/Noir (red/black) bets are made by picking any red or black number – the payout is 1:1;
Pair/Impair (odd/even) bets are made by picking any odd or even number – they pay 1:1;
Manque/Passe (low/high) bets are placed by choosing one of two groups of numbers: 1-18 or 19-36 – the payout is 1:1.
Announced or called bets in French Roulette:
Voisins du Zero (neighbours of zero): you bet a total of nine chips on a layout covering all numbers between 22 and 25 on the wheel: two chips each on the 0/2/3 trio and the 25/26/28/29 carré, as well as one chip each on 4/7 cheval, 12/15 cheval, 18/21 cheval, 19/22 cheval and 32/35 cheval;
Le Tiers du Cylinder (thirds of the wheel): you place a total of six chips as splits of all numbers placed opposite of zero on the wheel, between 27 and 33: 5/8 cheval, 10/11 cheval, 13/16 cheval, 23/24 cheval, 27/30 cheval and 32/36 cheval;
Jeu Zero (zero game): you bet a total of four chips on the 0 and six closest numbers on the wheel by using the following layout: 0/3 cheval, 12/15 cheval, 32/35 cheval and 26 plein;
Orphelins (orphans): you bet on eight numbers not covered by the three above bets by using one of two possible layouts: orphelins en plein, with eight straight bets on 1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31 and 34, or orphelins en cheval, with a straight bet on 1 and four split bets between 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34;
Finales: you place a bet on all numbers ending in a certain digit, either as a series of straight bets (finales en plein) or a combination of split bets (finales a cheval).
What is the Difference Between French Roulette and American Roulette?
The most notable difference between French Roulette and American Roulette online casino game is the layout of the wheel: the numbers are arranged differently, and American Roulette uses an extra “00” pocket in addition to the usual 37. Including a “double zero” increases the house edge by almost twice, making American Roulette a great deal riskier for the player. What also makes American Roulette a riskier option for most players is the lack of La Partage and En Prison rules.

Unlike the different arrangement of numbers on the wheel, the layout of the tables is mostly the same, apart from differently placed outside fields and the fact that French Roulette always uses strictly French naming conventions. Still, a differently arranged wheel makes American Roulette lack French Roulette’s special, announced bets, most of which rely on the French Roulette wheel’s particular layout.

What is the Difference Between French Roulette and European Roulette?
While European Roulette is much closer to French Roulette casino game than the American variant – most importantly, they share the same wheel – there are still many important distinctions. European Roulette doesn’t use La Partage or En Prison rules, somewhat increasing the risk of the game. European Roulette typically uses a table layout similar to the American variant, featuring English instead of French.

While European Roulette doesn’t necessarily feature French Roulette’s announced bets, they are perfectly compatible. Some casinos opt to allow their use in European Roulette.

Top 3 French Roulette Online Casino Games
Some of the top French Roulette roulette online casino games you can find online are easily available at Vegaz Casino.

French Roulette Classic by Evoplay is popular for its simple, sleek design, which is flawlessly optimized for mobile phones. It makes use of the En Prison rule, which you may opt to call instead of La Partage. While boasting fewer options than many other French Roulette online games, it features all the essentials most players would need, as well as a comprehensive and well-written player guide.
French Roulette Classic Evoplay

2. French Roulette by RedRake features some useful advanced options, such as making up to five preset custom bets. The game also has a dynamic table displaying “hot” and “cold” numbers, depending on how frequently the ball has been likely to hit them. It’s also playable on mobile platforms.

French Roulette RedRake

3. French Roulette by NetEnt is one of the most visually attractive French Roulette games you may find on the online market, in line with NetEnt overall catalogue. Similar to RedRake’s namesake, it offers a broad variety of options, including the hot/cold table and the ability to add custom “favourite bets”. The game could accurately be described as the ultimate French Roulette online experience, which is the most popular French Roulette game available online.

French Roulette NetEnt

How to Play French Roulette Online at
Find the French roulette game you want to play. On, choose the “Casino” tab and type “french roulette” in the search bar. This should give you a list of all French Roulette games online in our catalogue.
Try the game out for free. All games provided by Vegaz Casino offer a free demo mode, and French Roulette is no exception. Hover over the thumbnail of the game you wish to try and choose “play for free”.
Register. Playing for free is fun by itself. However, you will need to register an account at Vegaz Casino to win real money. All you have to do is click “Sign Up” at the top right of the page and go through our quick and easy registration process.
Try to play French Roulette online casino games for real money. Now that you’re all set up, you will likely want to play the game with real stakes and winnings. Hover over the thumbnail again, but this time choose the “play” icon instead.
Check the paytable. Before placing your bets, it’s best to double-check the value of all the possible bets you can make in the game.
Place your bets. Place your chips on the table by dragging them onto the field you wish to bet on. Alternatively, you may choose one of the existing preset bet layouts, as well as doubling or even further increasing their value if you wish to bet on larger stakes.
Spin away! After laying your chips out on the table, it’s time to spin the roulette wheel. Depending on the outcome, your total cash pool will increase or decrease.
Keep on playing, but know when to stop. When you play French Roulette online may be fun and lucrative, but you shouldn’t let yourself get too carried away. It’s generally wise to set your spending or budget limits before starting a game of Roulette and stick to them just in case you don’t end up getting burned.
French Roulette Strategy – 3 Strategies When Playing French Roulette Casino Games
While Roulette itself is a game of luck, there are various strategies aimed towards controlling your wins and losses in French Roulette. They can separate them into three main systems based on how the value of the bets changes during the game. Flat betting strategies are those where the initial value of your bets stays fixed. Positive progression systems have you increase your bets after winning and decrease them after losing. In contrast, in negative progression systems, you’re supposed to do the exact opposite.

Neighbors Strategy: One of the flat betting strategies you can use in French Roulette game is the Neighbors Strategy, which involves splitting your total bet into five straight bets and placing them on five numbers neighbouring each other on the wheel. The idea behind this strategy is to go for higher-stake straight bets while minimizing the risk by allowing the ball some extra leeway.
Paroli System: Positive progression strategies include the famous Paroli System, which has you setting an initial wager and doubling it after every subsequent win. However, losing a bet means that you “restart” your progression, returning to your initial wager for the next bet. The logic behind the Paroli System is that it maximizes the win made from winning streaks while minimizing the loss made from losing streaks.
D’Alembert System: One of the most popular negative progression strategies is the D’Alembert System, where you start by selecting a base staking unit. After each loss, you add a single base unit to your total bet while you subtract a single unit after each win. The idea is to ensure that eventual winning bets net a higher gain after a long losing streak.
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FAQ – questions and answers about French Roulette Online
Can I play French Roulette free online? Absolutely. Vegaz Casino offers a free demo version for all online games in our catalogue, and French Roulette is no exception. Our demo versions have no trial limit or feature lock, which means that you can freely enjoy the full, unlimited experience of French Roulette Free Online without having to risk any money.
Can I play French Roulette on mobile? Most modern online gambling games are optimized for mobile platforms – the same is true for French Roulette games in our portfolio.
What is the RTP on French Roulette? Since French Roulette shares European Roulette’s wheel, paytable and basic ruleset, its base RTP is the same as in European Roulette – 97.30%. However, the inclusion of La Partage and En Prison rules reduces the risk when playing even-money bets, increasing the RTP to 98,65% when betting even-money.
What are the best French Roulette games? While the basic gaming formula remains the same in all French Roulette games, some offer more extra features to make your gameplay easier, a superior graphical interface, or broader betting options. Many of the most popular French Roulette games are available on Vegaz Casino, including NetEnt’s French Roulette, the top French Roulette game online in the world.
Where can I play French Roulette online? A collection of various French Roulette games is available right here at Vegaz Casino!
What does the French word “roulette” mean? Roulette means “little wheel”. The first mentions of the word concerning the game as we know it today date back to 18th century France.
What is the house edge on French Roulette? Like in European Roulette, the base house edge in French Roulette is 2.70%. But the La Partage and En Prison rules reduce the house edge to 1.35% when playing even-money bets.

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